Perrier vs San Pellegrino

Perrier vs S Pellegrino

S Pellegrino vs Perrier

I’m new to carbonated spring water or mineral water.

I’m sure it stems to a moment when I first tried it thinking it was 7-up, quickly discovering it wasn’t. Since then it has tasted like a failed attempt at the popular sugary counterpart.

With a recent new mission on lowering my sugar intake, I thought it would a good opportunity to give the sugarless fizzy drink another go.

Grapefruit Perrier:
+ I actually enjoyed it. Good on a hot day.
+ Usually a little cheaper than San Pellegrino.

San Pellegrino:
+ According to the nutritional label, it’s slightly better for you than Perrier.
– I had to add squeezed lime wedges to give it some flavour.

The good news, I can now drape my golf sweater over my polo shirt and order a mineral water at the club house. Douchebag Achievement Unlocked!


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